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GAC Generator Electric Actuator ADC225 ADC225-24 ADC225S-24

GAC Electric Actuator

GAC Generator Actuator



Warranty: 1 Year

Gross Weight: 3.5 kg

Stock Status: In stock

Replaced Brand: GAC

Part No. : ADC225, ADC225-24, ADC225S-24

Function: GAC Actuator

Usage: Diesel Generator Actuator

Compatible with: GAC Generator Actuator

Product Name: Diesel Engine Actuator

GAC Diesel Engine Generator Electric Actuator ADC225S-24 ADC225-24


ADC225 Series Product Specification Download.pdf

ADC225 SERIES Manual Download.pdf

We have GAC Electric Actuator ADC225-24 in our Regular Stock!

The Brands mentioned here are for reference only, our parts can exactly replace the original ones.


GAC Generator Actuator ADC225-24 :

  • 2.2 lb-ft of torque, 25° rotation, < 45 msec. response

  • Low cost, versatile model

  • Suitable for multi-plunger fuel pumps and medium size carburetors

  • Various models offer a variety of connectors and wiring harnesses,      including feedback sensor

  • Outstanding reliability and performance


The GAC Generator Actuator ADC225S-24 is a rotary output, liner torque, proportional servo. This electromechanical actuator is typically used as an engine fuel control positioning device. An internal spring provides fail safe operation by forcing the actuator to the fuel shut off position when the GAC ADC225-24 Generator Actuator is de-energized. This design combines fast operation, multi-voltage usage, wider rotation angles, and proven reliability. The actuator can operate directly from 12, 24, or 32 volt battery supplies.

The speed of operation of the actuator is typically faster than competitive units, thus it provides more stable and rapid response to transient conditions.

Applications include most block pumps, with or without mechanical governors, distributor type pumps, and medium sized carbureted engines. The 25 degrees of rotation expands the application to a wider variety of engines.

The GAC Engine Actuator ADC225S-24 is an electromagnetic servo device which can be intergrated into a closed loop control system. An engine control system can be described as follows. An electrical signal is generated by a magnetic speed sensor which is proportional to engine speed setting are not equal, a change in current from the speed control unit to the actuator will change the magnetic force in the actuator.

The rotation of the GAC Electric Actuator ADC225 shaft will then adjust the fuel to the engine and cause the engine speed to be equal to the preset engine setting. Shaft rotation is proportional to the amount of actuator current and counterbalanced by the internal spring.

Since the design has no sliding parts and is totally sealed, outstanding reliability results. A single compression spring is used to improve reliability. No maintenance is necessary.

SPECIFICATIONS of GAC Electric Actuator ADC225S-24

PERFORMANCE of GAC ADC225S-24 Diesel   Generator Actuator

Available Torque:


Maximum Operating Shaft Angular Travel: 

25+1° CW/CCW 

POWER INPUT for GAC ADC225S-24 Generator   Electric Actuator

Operating voltage:

12/24V DC

Normal Operating Current: 

2 A at 12V DC,1A at 24V DC

ENVIROMENTAL of ADC225-24 Generator   Actuator

Temperature Range: 

-54 to 95°c

Relative Humidity: 

up to 100%

All Surface finishes: 

Fungus proof and corrosion resistant



3.8 kg


Any position, electrical connector at the top preferred



up to 20G @50-500 Hz


100% Tested




Rod End Bearings(to attach a 12#20 HD linkage rod to lever):

BR200(Right Hand)

BR201(Right Hand)

Wiring Harness HD225: 

supplied with actuator


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